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International Climate Change Tax – Good Idea

OK, so last night I didn’t have time to explain Connie Hedegaard’s cryptic reference to a means of paying for all the development required in the G77 to meet the ambitious goals of the COP15, which she let loose at the Civil Society Q and A.

T-5: Travel sick yet?

We are now five (make that four by the end) days from a Global Agreement on Climate Change (touch wood). Today has been very busy, so let me give you a recap of what happened.

Bright and Early UK press conference

Well done boys. The British delegation appear to be serious about this (in spite of the Humphreyisms). There, I’ve got it out; our Labour boys seem to be working hard at the job of getting this done. I’m still not sure I’d have chosen then out of a list to do it, but they are in the room, they are pushing for the right things, and that is what counts.

Love Letters to the Future – Maya 2109 videos

I was at the actual love letters to the future event last night in Copenhagen and we saw this video in between acts on the vega club’s projection / sound system – it was totally awesome. Imagine this video, in uber high quality, so loud the bass makes your chest vibrate and with strobes going off randomly to disorient you. Coolest Sci-Fi experience ever…

Tuvalu vs. China and Conspiracy Theories

Tuvalu vs. China

Tuvalu is a small Pacific Island state, with the third smallest population of the sovereign states (about 12,000 people). In UN terms, they aren’t a heavy weight like China (population 1,345,751,000, estimated, last census was in 2001). However, what we saw last week was a diplomatic exchange of blows between these two delegations – a David and Goliath story to warm the heart (or rally the troops…?)

Recapping the first week of COP15

I have just finished a “catch-up” session with the European Youth Forum, and we have a very good recap of the current status of the negotiations from Florent Baarsch.

First, some jargon definitions. Nations are split at the moment (officially) into annexe I and non-annexe I; the annexe contains developed nations with the highest emissions, and the principal of the devision is that developed nations (who are responsible for existing CO2 in the atmosphere) are obliged to cut their emissions by more, to allow developing nations to emit more while developing their economies over the years to 2050. There is a proposal to add a new annexe II category for emerging nations (like China, India, and Brazil) to get them to peak a bit earlier than if they were just non-annexe I (if that makes sense…)

The Road to Copenhagen

I am quite excited about this Friday, as I will be setting off for the COP-15 climate summit. I am going as one of Liberal Youth‘s delegates (in their capacity as the British wing of the IFLRY), so I will actually be allowed in the complex (woo! and other internet memes for “happy”). I will be “blogging live” from there, but I wanted to write something in advance to get a couple of points out of the way.