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Love Letters to the Future – Maya 2109 videos

I was at the actual love letters to the future event last night in Copenhagen and we saw this video in between acts on the vega club’s projection / sound system – it was totally awesome. Imagine this video, in uber high quality, so loud the bass makes your chest vibrate and with strobes going off randomly to disorient you. Coolest Sci-Fi experience ever…

So you can watch it at the site (you need to search for “maya 2109” in the box to see it).

BUT in case you are lazy I made a screen grab of it so you can just watch it here on my blog – they make take it down because it is their copyright (although I am treating it as public domain until they tell me otherwise). If you are from and you want to pick me up on this please leave a comment – I would be happy to take it down if there is an official embeddable version out there – well done on making the awesome video!

This is a screengrab of these very cool videos – which are copyright – which I wanted to be embeddable. I saw them at the website’s live event in Copenhagen on the 13th Dec 2009.

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