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Has it come to this? Hopenhagen, going down in flames

Some choice articles and quotes for you this morning; just to ingrain an appropriate sense of injustice and despair:

The Guardian focus on Ed Milliband’s pessimistic comments from the 25 minister council, which took 18 hours after Michael Zammit Cutajar’s 5-7AM heroics to get around to even reading the draft he had been preparing with all those delegates who wanted corrections to their brackets.

The BBC are interested in Brown’s Comment that history has moments where leaders succeed in changing something and when they fail; he wants this to be one where it succeeds. Unfortunately, we aren’t allowed to find out how hard he is trying on that, because NGO delegates like me have been barred from the centre.

Access blocking is not a conspiracy, by the way, but as with many of the problems here just bad organisation. The Bella Centre only holds 15,000 people, and they allowed 30,000 NGO delegates to be signed up, knowing that they wouldn’t all be allowed in. Also, after 130 heads of state accepted the invitation, with all their entourages, the centre is basically at capacity before any NGOs have been looked at.

The View from the RU office

We are powerless to do anything now; it is up to the people who won our elections, the people we bash in the press every day, the people who actually run the world, to sort this out now.

If they fail, then (as Maya 2109 said) that’s the end, that’s it, it’s over.

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